Humans of Couch Potato: Gleb Braverman, Gossip

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Our first founder is Gleb Braverman. He has been building in AR/VR and voice for years, currently building Gossip. Voice is heating up right now - its more intimate and personal, and as audio hardware grows and more accessible, it will augment our world more and more. Now, I find myself looking for my AirPods when I already have them on…

How does voice fit in the future of social communication? Gleb is betting on voice stories.

What is Gossip? How long have you been building it?

Gossip app allows you to create and share short voice stories! Voice is a far richer way to communicate than text or images: it allows people to express their emotions. Gossip reduces the barrier to create content by making any moment perfect - sometimes people are too worried about how they look or how their environment looks to make a photo or video.

Apps based on visual content do not create a connection from which we can become grounded and experience the sense of safety that arises from a place where we are emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically a member. Voice actually does it!

Our amazing team of 6 has been working on Gossip full time for around 3 months now. We plan to launch a private beta in the next couple of days! Sign up for the beta at

Who is on your team?

I am a solo founder with an amazing team, which supports me along the way. Our team has deep expertise in both social apps and AI, which we are using to create our amazing voice lenses to make the experience fun and engaging. 

What stage are you at? Who are your target users and what does traction currently look like?

We are pre-traction and plan to launch private beta in the next couple of days. We target gen Z, 13-24, social media creators and active AirPods users.

What has been your biggest struggle or challenge building this company?

Social is tough! We are super excited to see how users are gonna use the app and whats gonna be that sticky part!

If you could get a meeting with one person right now for Gossip - investor, partner, client, or customer, who would it be?

Evan Spiegel

What is the most surprising thing you learned along the way?

People tend to be more helpful than one may think.

Who is another early stage builder & innovator in the media and entertainment space the world needs to know about?

Michael Gavrilov, he is building a fantasy stock picking game for the US market and it is amazing. Its like fantasy sports, but for stocks!

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